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          Shenzhen Xinghe Weiye Electronics Co. Ltd Chinese | English
            About Us

             ShenzhenJia Yu Xiang audio Electronics Co

            Shenzhen Jia Yu Xiang audio Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is now located in the beautiful scenery of the new town, Gongming Town Village, after the development of science and Technology Park, the factory area and supporting buildings nearly twenty thousand square meters. The existing staff of more than 800 people, of which nearly a hundred college degree or above technical personnel and management personnel, the company introduced a world-class advanced production line equipment and other products testing equipment, professional R & D, production and sales of mobile multimedia audio, mini digital sound, 2. 1CH speakers and 5. 1CH speakers, cards, batteries and a series of high-tech products, the annual design capacity of 10 million sets [sets].

            Company products all over the world, in the country has its own brand, "Le Le" and "Song Lang", the customer network is perfect. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, the company closely follow the trend of the market, product innovation, won the praise of the industry peers. The first batch of Chinese product quality certification center 3C certification, has been to the national patent office to apply for patents, the company has established a perfect management system, sales, customer service service system, products strictly in accordance with national standards, customer service in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country implemented the "three pack", won the domestic and foreign customers.

            The company spirit of "pragmatic, innovative, hard work, sharing" business philosophy, step forward, and sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life to create a better future.

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