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          Shenzhen Xinghe Weiye Electronics Co. Ltd Chinese | English
          What style of home theater stereo do you prefer?
          Date:2017-09-12 Num:1042
          Hi-Fi although the name is hi fi, in fact, the first is good, followed by fidelity. The best HI FI is actually listening. That's the truth, but it's not worth criticism. 8 hours to relax after work and entertainment, don't need to? In fact, the two channel Hi-Fi sound expensive, although also added MSG, such as to make the sound more soft and more thickness, but overall is closer to the standard high fidelity. As we all know, monosodium glutamate can have different formulations and flavors, so Hi-Fi box also derived a lot of styles. What the American voice, the English voice, comes from here. So someone will tell you what box to hear and what kind of box to use for the symphony.
          Listening is not distortion, but the pursuit of minimum distortion. This and we usually play Hi-Fi is still different, listening to the taste of plain, sound less dye, there are many people do not like. Hi-Fi more or less artificially modified the tone to cater to the audience's listening preferences. Monitor speakers use the most is in the studio, as far as possible the actual voice recording, which requires a performance as far as possible true distortion, as little as possible speakers reference, this is the monitor level speakers. The headset is also true, several major brands are from professional headset headset down do civil, such as the sound of sea, Shure, beyerdynamic.
          If the technology is perfect, neither the Hi-Fi nor the sound of the home theater box should have style problems. Only one sound is accurately restored. But completely accurate, does not exist. Really close to the exact restore style, is no MSG monitor.
          In fact, home theater speakers well, more listening style than Hi-Fi speakers with the price, because the home theater speakers emphasized that the overall effect of reduction is not only the human voice, musical instruments, and all kinds of sound, only the pursuit of listening is the kingly way. Because of this, a set of advanced monitoring speakers for home theater, debugging properly, the effect is certainly good. Compared with Hi-Fi, home cinema actually has more standards, so what is a good home theater sound is more clear.

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