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          Shenzhen Xinghe Weiye Electronics Co. Ltd Chinese | English
          Intelligent Speaker: intelligent Home Furnishing field Vanguard
          Date:2017-09-12 Num:1221
          Since AlphaGo and Li Shishi go to war ended, "artificial intelligence" will become the media and enterprises touted words, whether it is the traditional home appliance field, or the field of science and technology, are looking forward to the arrival of artificial intelligence. On the current IFA, Amazon has brought a mess of fire in Europe and America, the smart speakers - Echo.
          It is reported that, due to family and areas generally in the kitchen, living room and other fields all listen to music or news habits, so that intelligent speakers are particularly popular, which makes Echo breath in 2016 sold 6 million units.
          For the time being, smart devices are no longer an unfamiliar concept. Intelligent era, a variety of smart home has gradually penetrated into people's daily life, the smart speakers as the current hot spot in the technology industry, which can be described as the first force in the field of smart home.
          As the core technology of smart home, computing, interconnection and interaction are the three key points. The smart speaker products, in simple terms, can be regarded as a smart phone without a screen, the user is more interactive through the voice, which frees the eyes and fingers.
          In many people's eyes, is still trendy gadgets smart speakers, often with smart home, voice control center and personal assistant two core functions. Through intelligent speakers, it can realize the networking and voice control of the smart appliances in the home, and also can complete the functions of daily arrangement, ordering restaurants, calling cars, reading, translating, talking and other personal assistant. The advantage of smart speakers is that they can perform "voice separation operations" through voice, providing help when people are not able to use mobile phones or other electronic devices.
          Generally speaking, whether a new product concept can be accepted by the market or not, whether the technology is advanced or not is only one of the dimensions of judgment. The key point is whether it can produce enough relation with the consumer's known idea and experience. In the smart speaker products have gradually been hot, the major manufacturers have not forgotten to squeeze into such a trend to get a slice of the soup. To the United States Smart speaker market development, for example, according to industry estimates, smart speakers in 2020 will cover 75% of the United States family, reaching 94 million 200 thousand devices. The international market is expected to be even more impressive.
          The international market staged a fierce box 100 war, in early 2014, Amazon has released its Echo series of speakers, the attribute of intelligent speech technology into traditional speakers in practice with speakers of artificial intelligence, but also let the speaker from a simple sounding device into a smart device. In addition, as the entrance of modern intelligent Home Furnishing, Amazon intelligent speaker Echo equipped with Alexa voice control system, can achieve real-time weather and activate the wake, including TV, refrigerator and washing machine and other household appliances.
          And SONY released intelligent speakers "LF-S50G" in addition to high quality, but also by gesture control. According to the Japanese media said, SONY and Panasonic smart speakers have adopted the technology of artificial intelligence -- Google Google Google smart home assistant with the speaker (Google Assistant), its main purpose is to save the cost of independent development so as to get involved in the market.
          In addition, when some audio manufacturers are still Hi-Fi Sonos has used the Wi-Fi Sike, opened the box and streaming media services through the various barriers, sound linkage conduction to the more house music, to bring a new listening experience. Always thought that "the child is father of the man as a Bluetooth speaker 'products, the Bose SoundLink Mini series with excellent sound and good industrial design also won the recognition of many consumers. What is more, Anker, Haman Alexa and Google Assistant were introduced to support the speakers, speakers of different types of intelligent prices covered dozens of dollars to one hundred or two hundred dollars in different price, in order to win the price in each market demand.
          But the industry believes that, despite the intelligent speakers continue to show its use in the smart home, the entrance of the future smart home is still inseparable from the smart phone. First of all, intelligent speakers to join LAN, also through the mobile phone APP operation can be used, although only the first step, but concerned that it also reveals the importance of the present stage in the intelligent mobile phone system is an integral part of the Home Furnishing. In addition, in the smart home remote operation, the mobile phone is the embodiment of its importance as a mobile terminal.
          Moreover, the realization of many intelligent hardware, in the final analysis is to rely on mobile phone APP to open or close, in the portability, cell phone compact, easy to carry, and smart speakers compared to mobile phones, it seems a lot of bloated. What's more, for people who work regularly, they don't stay at home all the time, making the use of intelligent speakers greatly reduced.

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