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          Shenzhen Xinghe Weiye Electronics Co. Ltd Chinese | English
          Why is smart speakers standard for tech giants?
          Date:2017-09-12 Num:1262
          The day before the conference, Lenovo held in Hangzhou on the innovation of science and technology, intelligent speaker of Lenovo Group Jia Zhaohui, senior vice president of the scene showed a "chat". Count Lenovo, this month, a number of technology companies have released new speakers, including Microsoft, Amazon and other technology giants, Apple has also been exposed to launch intelligent speakers equipped with Siri.
          Overnight, smart speakers seem to be the standard technology giants, why is that?
          Release speakers at the same time, Lenovo also announced the smart home program. Lenovo invested about 10000000000 yuan a year, hoping to build affordable products." Jia Zhaohui said that the reason for the release of speakers, because it is most likely to become the entrance of smart home".
          You can send out the mail box
          On Tuesday, Amazon launched the new Echo Show smart speakers, equipped with 7 inches touch screen, can be used to display the schedule, music lyrics or play video.
          Not long ago, Microsoft announced at the Build conference to launch its first smart speaker products Invoke, built in voice assistant "Na Na."". It can provide news, information, weather conditions, play music, and control family lighting according to user instructions. At the same time, Invoke can also use Skype to communicate, which has the function similar to that of mobile phones.
          The premise of these large companies have been layout intelligent speakers, the premise is that 65% of the world's users have begun using mobile phones, PC or tablet computer provides speech recognition technology. With the depth of the machine learning technology mature, people and speakers communicate more naturally.
          Lenovo smart speakers, for example, users want to know the weather, do not rigidly ask "how the weather today", but can ask, "do you need an umbrella today?"". It will advise the user to take an umbrella or not with the weather, if it rains, remind the user to take an umbrella and shelter from the rain. If it is a high temperature sunny day, it will remind the user to take an umbrella.
          At the Build conference site, Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of the Invoke. A researcher said to the loudspeaker: "Hey, Tina, help me out, Monday through Friday."." After a few seconds, Invoke replied, "OK, Monday to Friday, the mail has been sent off."."
          Smart home "entrance" battle
          In the race for intelligent hardware, smart speakers seem to be the standard of technology giants. However, their real intention is to cut through the speakers and try to occupy the control center of smart home, as soon as possible to seize the "smart home" entrance".
          In Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing view, we are entering a new "PC" era. This PC is not personal computer (personal computer), but personal computing (personal computing). "New PC era, personal computing equipment plus personalized cloud is a big trend."".
          In other words, in the future, there will be an upsurge of family intelligence, all networked devices will be placed on a cloud terminal, to provide users with intelligent life experience.
          Now, Apple's mobile phones, tablets, computers can be related to each other, and even through the operation of the hardware to control the family's various scenes. But most scene control can not avoid an operating screen. Amazon has released a major purpose of Echo, is to control the sound box as a smart home "brain", through which to send instructions to a variety of networked devices.
          In order to meet this requirement, the speaker built-in voice assistant is particularly critical, the promotion of space is also great. As far as single speech recognition technology is concerned, there are a lot of things that can be improved, such as identifying a person's voice." Intelligent robot Rokid AI Beijing laboratory leader Gao Peng cited an example, if the speaker knows who is talking to it, you can provide personalized service. "I know you, you want me to sing, I will let you love song". You can imagine, then, the smart speakers will be more like a "understanding" user's "assistant" or "housekeeper."".

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